Yerba Mate Canarias becomes an official partner of Venusti

For more than five decades, Canarias company has established itself as the absolute leader of the Uruguayan yerba mate market. Their products are the essence of the country’s yerba mate craft. From now on you can experience it with us as Venusti has become the official partner of the brand!

Although there are no holly plantations in Uruguay, yerba mate enjoys the greatest popularity there. According to statistics, holly infusions are regularly sipped by 4 out of 5 adult citizens of the country! Holly itself is imported from Brazil, but it is not like chimarrao or Argentinian and Paraguayan brands. Yerba mate is grown in a diverse forest ecosystem. After harvest, the whole is pre-dried. Then, for 4 to 6 months, the raw material is stored in a cold room. At the last stage of processing, it is subjected to intensive grinding in order to obtain a very dusty mix with a small addition of sticks. As a result, we receive an extremely original product. Its golden color contrasts with the greenery of chimarrao. A sweet bouquet with a slightly floral aroma is characterized by the intense taste. The whole brings a strong energizing effect and thanks to its fine structure, unique fresh taste remains for a long time. It’s not easy to classify as it combines different yerba mate traditions. It’s more like a separate variety. Are you looking for a truly original experience? Try Canarias!

Canarias products are already available at the lowest market prices through our online stores and on the wholesale platform You’re welcome!

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